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Enchanted Mistress

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Fleetwood Mac

The following are my Fleetwood Mac album demos, outtakes, compilations, and misc.!


Album Demos and Outtakes:



*Rumours- studio quality: center channel mixes

The Chain- A+ quality: writing process

Rumours Demos and outtakes- A+/studio quality; Dreams, Don't Stop, I don't want to know, GDW #1, GDW#2, Think About It, you make lovin' fun, silver springs

*Rumours Are Rampant- A+ quality: second hand news, oh daddy, go your own way, silver springs #1, gold dust woman #1, gold dust woman #2, think about it, don’t stop, I don’t want to know, the chain (instrumental), you make lovin’ fun, songbird, dreams, never going back again, the chain, the dealer, silver springs #2

*Staying True- Unmixed Rumours tracks- A++ studio quality: second hand news, dreams, never going back again, don’t stop, go your own way, silver springs, the chain, you make loving fun, I don’t want to know (a capella), oh daddy, gold dust woman (Stevie/Lindsey duet), songbird, silver springs (almost 6 minutes), silver springs (instru.), I don’t want to know (instru.)


Tusk Demos and Outtakes- A quality:  Beautiful Child #1, The Dealer, sisters of the moon (piano demo), Storms (drum demo), Over and Over, Sisters of the Moon (extra reverb), Lady from the Mountain, Fireflies,  Sisters of the Moon (extra lyrics), Beauty and the Beast (blues version), Beautiful Child #2, Sisters of the Moon (weird version)

*1978 Tusk Rough Mixes
1. Sisters of the Moon (Instrumental)
2. Over & Over (Instrumental)
3. That's Enough for Me (Instrumental)
4. Never Forget (Instrumental)
5. Brown Eyes (Instrumental)
6. Beautiful Child
7. I Know I'm Not Wrong #1
8. That's All for Everyone
9. Sisters of the Moon
10. Walk a Thin Line
11. That's Enough for Me
12. Over & Over
13. What Makes You Think You're The One
14. The Dealer

*Tusk Reels 1979-1980- perfect quality
: song 7 (7/10/79), song 8 (7/10/79), farmers daughter (4/14/80), tusk rough instrumental (1/29/79), tusk (7/18/79), that’s enough for me, walk a think line #1, lindsey’s demo #1, lindsey’s demo #2, Lindsey’s demo #3, Lindsey's demo #4, I know I’m not wrong #1, I know I’m not wrong #2, the dealer, sara, beauty and the beast, joan of arc (3/9/86), the nightmare (3/9/86), storms (12/1/79)

*Tusk Copies- perfect quality:
1...Sara- outtake #1. Some alternate vocals here. It could be from the mixing, but I think that this is actually a different take. (8:18)
2...Beauty and the Beast- Blues Master. This is sweet! Crystal clear (4:48)
3...Angel- unmastered (5:01)
4...Storms- unmastered (4:46)
5...Beautiful Child- heavy guitar master (5:18)
6...Sisters of the Moon- full end lyric master- AWESOME!!! (5:18)
7...Sara- outtake #2, no backup vocal. This one has some vocal alternates as well. (7:06)

Tusk Studio Jam- 32 minutes of mostly guitar playing with some singing and talking in the background.  Includes Stevie singing My Boyfriend's Back, Kiss and Run, and a little bit of Dreams

*I Know I'm Not Wrong Sessions, 1/15/79
1. I Know I'm Not Wrong #1
2. I Know I'm Not Wrong #2
3. I Know I'm Not Wrong #3

*Walk A Thin Line Sessions- studio quality
-Contains 5 takes of the song, "Walk A Thin Line"

*"Mystery Box" Reel to Reels
That's All for Everyone (rough), Think About Me (outtake #1), Think About Me (outtake #2), studio jam, What Makes You Think You're the One (rough), Think About Me (outtake #3), Tusk, Oh Diane, Can't Go Back, Can't Go Back #2, That's Alright


*Mirage Outtakes #1: Love in Store (rough mix), Can't Go Back (instrumental), That's Alright (rough mix), Book of Love (rough mix), Gypsy (rough mix), Goodbye Angel (rough mix), If You Were My Love (outtake), Eyes of the World (rough mix), Straight Back (alternate mix), Hold Me (rough mix), Blue Monday (outtake), Smile at you (#1 outtake), Smile at you (#2 outtake) Oh Diane (rough mix), Wish You Were Here (rough mix)
*Mirage Demos & Outtakes #2: Gypsy, Straight Back, That's Alright, Smile At You, If You Were My Love, Gypsy, Straight Back #2, That's Alright #2, Smile At You #2, Gypsy #2, I've Been Loving You Too Long, Eyes Of The World, Straight Back #3, Gypsy #3, That's Alright #3, Gypsy #4
*Mirage Outtakes #3: that's alright (remix), gypsy (remix), if you were my love, straight back #1, that's alright #2, gypsy #2, smile at you, straight back (remix), sara (live 1982), that's alright #3, straight back #3, gypsy #3, enchanted, gypsy #4, i've been loving you too long
*Mirage Outtakes #4: That's Alright, Book Of Love, Wish You Were Here, Gypsy, Wild Heart (Instrumental), Eyes Of The World, If You Were My Love, Hold Me, Straight Back, Blue Monday, Love In Store, Goodbye Angel, Smile At You, Oh Diane, No Questions Asked, As Long As You Follow, Down Endless Street
*Mirage Outtakes & Demos: Love in Store, Can’t Go Back, That’s Alright, Book of Love, Gypsy, Straight Back, Hold Me, Oh Diane, Eyes of the World, Wish You Were Here, Love in Store, Can’t Go Back, Goodbye Angel, Hold me, Wish You Were Here (2nd version), Wish You Were Here (3rd Version), Eyes of the World (2nd version), Eyes of the World (3rd version), Eyes of the World (4th version), Blue Monday, If You Were My Love, I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, Smile At You, Hold Me, If You Were My Love, (2nd version), Love in Store (3rd version), Wish You Were Here, That’s Alright, Hold Me (3rd version), Hold Me (4th version), Straight Back, Smile At You (2nd version), Teen Beat, Goodbye Angel, Love in Store, Gypsy
*Illusion: Mirage Outtakes: Love In Store, That's Alright, Blue Monday, Hold Me (L.Buckingham Lead Vocal), Gypsy (Raw Mix), Eyes Of The World, If You Were My Love, Wish You Were Here, Smile At You, Straight Back, Can't Go Back (Instrumental), Oh Diane (Instrumental), Goodbye Angel (Instrumental), Book Of Love (Instrumental), Gypsy (Lead Guitar Outtake), If You Were My Love (Alternate Version)
*"The Other Mirage" Demos & Outtakes: Gypsy, If You Were My Love, Smile At You, Straight Back, That's Alright, I've Been Loving You Too Long, Eyes of the World, Gypsy (early takes), Gypsy (slow version), Gypsy (short version), Gypsy (long version), Straight Back (early take), Straight Back (long version), That's Alright (demo), That's Alright (long version).
FM Hollywood Live and Studio Outtakes 1980- A- quality: Oh Well, Homework, World in Harmony, Green Manalishi, Green Manalishi (Live), Rhiannon, Why?, Landslide, Over My Head, Silver Springs, Farmer's Daughter


Tango in the Night Demos and outtakes A+ quality:  Disc #1: Welcome to the room sara, Isn't it midnight, you and I, Ricky #1, ricky #2, Down Endless Street, Book of Miracles #1, Book of Miracles #2, Joan of Arc-Disc #2: What Has rock and roll Ever Done For You, Mystified #1, Mystified #2, Caroline (alt.), Special Kind of Love, When I see you again (alt), Everywhere (alt), Everywhere (dub), Everywhere (demo), Little Lies (ext. mix)

*Reflection Of Tango- A-/C- quality
01 Caroline (Alternate)
02 Joan Of Arc (Outtake)
03 Big Love (Demo)
04 Mystified (Alternate #1)
05 Down Endless Street (B-Side)
06 When I See You Again (Alternate #1)
07 Ricky (B-Side)
08 Special Kind Of Love (Demo)
09 Seven Wonders (Alternate)
10 Book Of Miracles (B-Side)
11 Juliet (Outtake)
12 Tango In The Night (Alternate)
13 Little Lies (Alternate)
14 Everywhere (Alternate)
15 You And I Part 1 (B-Side)
14 When I See You Again (Alternate #2)
15 Mystified (Alternate #2)
16 What Has Rock And Roll Ever Done For You (Outtake)
17 Welcome To The Room...Sara (Alternate)
*Mix of old circulated demos and newly discovered master tapes* (so I have been told)
The Last Tango: Caroline (Alt), Mystified (Alt), Little Lies (Instrumental), Big Love (Alt), Ricky (Alt), Juliet, Eyes Wide Shut (You And I Part 2), Joan Of Arc, Everywhere (Alt), Isn't It Midnight (Alt), When I See You Again (Alt), Tango In The Night (Alt), Seven Wonders (Alt), No Questions Asked (Alt)

Rockline 1988- Rockline radio interview- Talking about the new Greatest Hits album.  Very interesting...there are TONS of callers that ask the band questions!!  Is broken down into 9 parts with the songs that aired on the radio between them:
part 1, as long as you follow, part 2, rhiannon, part 3, oh well, part 4, little lies, part 5, part 6, no questions asked, part 7, say you love me, part 8, gypsy, part 9


Behind the Mask Demos- studio quality; Affairs of the Heart #1, Affairs of the Heart #2, Behind the Mask, Do you know, Got No Home, Hard Feelings, In the Back of my Mind, Intention, Save Me #1, Save me #2, Victim of Love, When the Sun Goes Down

*Behind the Mask Demos and Outtakes
Disc 1
01. In The Back Of My Mind ~ #1
02. Hard Feelings ~ #1
03. Do You Know
04. Behind The Mask ~ #1
05. Save Me ~ #1
06. When It Comes To Love
07. Behind The Mask ~ #2
08. Got No Home
09. Walk Another Mile (King Of Hearts)
10. Intuition
11. Demo ~ #1(Instrumental)
12. Demo ~ #2(Instrumental)
13. Demo ~ #3(Instrumental)
14. Demo ~ #4(Instrumental)
15. Behind the Mask ~ #3
16. Stand On The Rock
17. Hard Feelings ~ #2
18. Affairs Of The Heart ~ #1
Disc 2
19. Do You Know
20. Save Me ~ #2
21. Affairs Of The Heart ~ #2
22. Living Without You
23. Last Chance To Rock
24. Behind The Mask ~ #4
25. As Long As You Follow
26. No Questions Asked ~ #1
27. No Questions Asked ~ #2
28. No Questions Asked ~ #3
29. In The Back Of My Mind ~ #2
30. Victim Of Love
31. In The Back Of My Mind ~ #3
32. The Game Of Love
33. Save Me ~ #3
34. When The Sun Goes Down


Say You Will early mixes- A+/studio quality: What's the World Coming to, Miranda, Thrown Down (wall of sound), Running Through the Garden #1, Everybody Finds Out #1, Steal Your Heart Away, Say You Will, Thrown Down #2, Running through the Garden #2, Everybody Finds Out #2, Peacekeeper

*Say You Will- studio quality: Center Channel Mixes

Say You Will- "Everybody Finds Out"- 13:24 min: Center Channel Mix (bass and drums), Mono mix- left, mono mix- right

Say You Will- DVD Surround & Center Mixes- A+ quality: Thrown Down, Destiny Rules, Everybody Finds Out, Goodbye Baby

"Say You Will" Surround Mixes- from the DVD-A of the "Say You Will" album- *Made by combining the right and left surround channel outputs.  Recorded in real time and personally mixed.*
01 Illume
02 Thrown Down
03 Miranda
04 Red Rover
05 Say You Will
06 Peacekeeper
07 Running Through The Garden
08 Steal Your Heart Away
09 Bleed To Love Her
10 Everybody Finds Out
11 Destiny Rules
12 Say Goodbye
13 Goodbye Baby
*collection created by Jeremy R.*...thanx dude...these rock!!!

Misc. and Compilations

KZEW FM DALLAS - Concert Promo Production Masters from 1976-1977- Radio commercials- A++ quality:  Fleetwood Mac -unk (0:42), Fleetwood Mac/Firefall #1 - 03/06/77 (1:09), Fleetwood Mac/Firefall #2 - 03/06/76 (1:11), Fleetwood Mac/Kenny Loggins - 05/15/77 (1:08)

Fleetwood Mac "Missing Links- A/A- quality: Monday Morning, Say You Love me, Warm Ways, Second Hand News, Oh Daddy #1, Silver Springs, Songbird, Dreams, Watchdevil (tusk demo), Beauty and the Beast (blues demo), Walk a Thin Line (acoustic demo), Sisters of the Moon, Sara (alt. vers.), I know I’m Not Wrong, Take a Little Time (unreleased)

*Fleetwood Mac Rarities- A/A- quality
01 Smile At You (Flaming Version)
02 Wish You Were Here (Alternate)-COOL!
03 That's Alright (Alternate)
04 Hold Me (Lindsey Lead)
05 Blue Monday (Outtake)
06 Gypsy (Slower Version)
07 Love In Store (Alternate)
08 If You Were My Love (Outtake)
*09 Ricky (Alternate)
*10 Juliet (Outtake)
11 Seven Wonders (Extended Alternate)
*12 Little Lies (Alternate)...INCREDIBLE QUALITY!!!
*13 Joan Of Arc (Outtake)
*14 Everywhere (Alternate)
*15 Mystified (Alternate)
*16 When I See You Again (Alternate)
*17 Tango In The Night (Alternate)
      * same as the tracks from "Reflection of Tango"- Little Lies on this compilation is of better quality though

*Misc Demos #3- quality varies
01 Behind The Mask (Drum and Vocals)
02 I Know I'm Not Wrong (Instrumental)
03 That's All For Everyone (Instrumental)
04 Walk A Thin Line (Instrumental)
05 Unknown Demo #1
06 Unknown Demo #2
07 That's Enough For Me (Alternate)
08 I Know I'm Not Wrong (8-7-79 Part 1)
09 I Know I'm Not Wrong (8-7-79 Part 2)
10 I Know I'm Not Wrong (8-7-79 Part 3)
11 I Know I'm Not Wrong (Alternate #1)
12 I Know I'm Not Wrong (Alternate #2)
13 Down Endless Street (Alternate)
14 Just Because (Outtake)...never before heard
15 Seven Wonders (Test)
16 Isn't It Midnight (Test)
17 Wish You Were Here (Alternate 1-29)
18 Little Lies (Instrumental Demo)

*Misc Demos #6
01. Sara Fleetwood & Beverly Vance conversation part #2
02. Mick Rambling #1
03. MIck Rambling #2
04. Mick Rambling #3
05. Mick Rambling #4
06. Mick Rambling #5
07. Book of Love (1.21.82)
08. Oh Diane (3.29.82, mix 97)
09. Oh Diane (3.29.82, mix 67)
10. You and I (4-25) #1
11. You and I (4-25) #2

Rumours era recorded conversation- A quality: c.1978. 45 minutes- broken into 5 parts

Tusk- Unmastered Stevie songs- A+quality: sara, storms, the dealer, sisters of the moon, angel, beautiful child

Tusk- Documentry- A/A- quality: sisters of the moon, interview, go your own way, tusk (live), angel, you’ll never make me cry, interview/ think about me, not that funny, sara, the chain, songbird

Dancing Alone- A+ quality- tracks from The Dance album that have the backing vocals and acoustic removed...sounds like Center Channel mixes

Destiny Rules Documentary- Songs taken from the documentary recording session- clips:
Destiny Rules recording clip, Everybody Finds Out #1, Everybody Finds Out #2, Goodbye Baby, I am Waiting, Illume, Miranda, Say You Will #1, Say You Will #2, Steal Your Heart Away, Thrown Down #1, Thrown Down #2, Desting Rules/Say You Will/ Silver Girl