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Enchanted Mistress

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Trade Guidelines

This is the mannor in which I would prefer all trades to be done! PLEASE read throughly...I know it is lengthly, but it is important!!!

1. In your FIRST email to me asking for a trade please put in the subject line, "TRADE"  and include in the body of the message what you want from me and either a list of your items or a link to your tradepage. This just makes it easier for me to decide what I want from you. 

2. I don't include setlists anymore, mainly because nobody ever included them for me (except for those few of you - thanks!) All setlists can be found on this page.

3. I do use a particular brand of CDR...Memorex 52X 700MB please be sure that you use that kind...if you don't have that brand, the PLEASE make sure they are 52X and not the cheap genaric brand. When I send you your copies you request, I will try to follow your guidelines regarding your preference, but since this is the kind of CD-R's I use, that is what you will get, because it would just get too expensive for me to stock every single kind of blank cd-r out there.

4. Please put my CDs in either the soft sleeves or CD envelopes. (No Jewel Cases, Please! They break in transit!) I DO ASK that you only put one cd per case (if it's a two sided soft sleeve, then putting one CD on each side is fine) I DO NOT like it when you put all of my CDs in one case.
5. Please do not write on my cds. You can hand write on the cd envelope what the cd is, but please do not label the cd itself. I do not write on the ones I send out, so I would expect likewise.  I have done it in the past, but then realized maybe people don't like that.  It just looks tacky to me when I have 20 different writings in my collection!!
6. I always send your items the cheapest way using U.S. mail. You can do the same for me as well. This just helps me save money! But I will from time to time send Priority Mail...especially if I am anxious to do the trade.  If that is the case, the I would expect you to do the same.  I hate waiting and don't want to make others wait too!

7. Please record all my CDs DAO (Disc At Once)! I understand that some cds were orignally burned TAO, so there's not much you can do about that. But, if the CD was originally burned DAO, then please record it that way for me. I always burn DAO. Some of my cds are TAO.

2/1 Trade Guidelines

8. If you do not have anything to trade, you can still email me and we can usually work something out. I ONLY do 2/1 trades for CDs and DVDs. I prefer:
DVD-  Memorex DVD-R 8X 4.7 GB 120 min
CDR- Memorex 52X 700MB 80min
2/1 means that for every one CD/DVD-R I make, you send me 2 blank CDs/DVD-R's.
For 2/1 trades you need to include a self addressed stamped envelope for me to mail back to you...or just include cash and I will use that for the postage. I know that sometimes it is hard to anticipate how much it will be to ship back.  Please refer to the chart below for approximate shipping costs for CDs/DVDs. Please note that the postage rates have been calculated using a small CD/DVD bubble mailer. If you plan to mail in a larger envelope then add postage accordingly. Due to the ever constant changes in United States Postal Service, the quotes below may not be totally accurate.  Also, this chart does not include postage for mailing videos or outside the continental USA.
Number of CDs Postage
1 CD 60 cents
2 CDs 83 Cents
3-5 CDs $1.11
6-8 CDs $1.52
9-10 CDS $3.00
I have a LIMIT on 2/1 trades as follows: 10 CD-R's and 4 DVDs per trade. There are some instances that older DVD players are unable to play DVD-R/+R's, so please be aware that once I have burned them, I cannot "refund" because you didn't know that your dvd player couldn't play it.  Also, as I have traded with various sources, some of my dvd's are -R and some are +R.  I am slowly going to label them on my site for reference.  I, however, cannot copy from one format to another...I can only do + to + or - to -. 

9. I will from time to time do B&P- blank and postage- (This means that you only send me the amount of CDs or DVDs that I need to burn, plus postage and self addressed stamped (or cash for postage) envelope.)  So, if you want to trade via this route, you can send me the blanks to burn, plus postage/envelope, and extra blanks for me (to be determined while finalizing the trade).The reason I don't do trades for the exact number of blanks is because I feel that I should at least get a little something for taking the time to help you out. I don't think that is too much to ask for :)

10. Lastly, I will trade for memorabilia- pictures, vinyl, posters, tourbooks, etc...whatever you have.  These items are listed in my Want Page.

11. If you are new to trading and have some questions, here is a FAQ that answers alot of newbie questions!

Email me for a trade: