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Enchanted Mistress

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*UPDATED: March 29, 2010*
*See below*                         





Added some new Heart videos to the Other Artists Videos page.

Added new UNLEASHED videos to the VIDEOS page

Added new UNLEASHED shows to the Fleetwood Mac LIVE page.

Added some new Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac videos to the Video Page.

Added a page for Lindsey Buckingham.  Also added some Stevie masters, live shows, and some FM goodies!

Added some new Stevie Nicks masters and some shows.

*Added some new videos to the Video page and the Other Artists Video page

* Added the next 4 tracks to the download series.  The final few tracks are then posted on the sister site.  Link provided on the downloads page!

* After a much needed update, I think I have everything
* Added next few songs to the download page and added some new DVD's to the Video page and the Other Artists Video page

*Added new videos to both the Videos and Other Artists Video pages
*Posted the next 2 downloads

*Added new videos to the Videos page
*Added new tracks to the Downloads page

*Added some new Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac DVD's to the Video page.
*Added some new audio to the Other Artists page
*Added new series of downloads to the DOWNLOAD page

*Posted final two tracks to the downloads page!

*Updated video page with the new Tom Petty dvd from Manchester, TN 6/16/06 as well as some other artists dvds!

*Put up the next few downloads.  Also added the Opening night of the Tom Petty tour in Charlotte, NC with Stevie Nicks as his special guest.  Show is in the Other Artists page.

*Added the next 3 downloads to the download page, added some new items to the other artist's page.

*Next 2 downloads are up.  Get them while you can...I'm going fast with this series!

*Next 3 downloads are up! Also swapped out the video in the player!

*Posted the two new downloads on the main download page and added a new set of downloads on the sister site. Link is posted on the Downloads page. Remember to right click and "save as".
I also added a few new things to the "Other Artists" page.

*Updated my Videos page- 2.18.06 Melbourne, OZ, Top11. Also new Downloads are up. I had to remove the artwork page because it was either download music or dvd artwork!

*Updated my Videos page and added an page. The dvd coverart contained there have all been created by me! As I create them, I will post them to share! They're not as good as some of the others out there, but I take pride in them!
*Updated Trade Status Page!

*Accepting very LIMITED trades right now.  No 2:1 or B&P for now!
Added the newly surfaces Live Buckingham Nicks show to the Fleetwood Mac live page!  Also added a few new compilation DVD's to the Videos page at the bottom of the page.

*Not accepting new trades at this time.  I'm trying to finish up with my externship for school and don't have much time for trades at this time.  However, I will make some exceptions.  I am looking for Stevie Nicks DVD's from RAL era, OSOTM era, and SA era- ones that aren't already on my list. If you have any of these, feel free to inquire about a trade!!
Thanx and I'll update again soon when school is finished!
~Desrtangl :)

*Updated (finally)...i know i know...I need to keep up with this!!!
*Added new Stevie Nicks Live shows:
Jones Beach 1991 DVD audio rip, San Jose 1989 DVD audio rip, West Palm Beach 2001
*Added new Fleetwood Mac Demos: The Last Tango, Reflections of Tango, Misc Demos #3, Rarities Compilation
*Added new downloads

*Put up next series of downloads...sorry that is has been so long...i'm going to try to keep this updated more frequently!!!

*Put up some new downloads.  I am still in the process of adding new material to the trade pages!!  Enjoy~

*Updated Trade Status page, added next 3 downloads, also added some new items to Stevie Demos page.

*Added new items to all of the pages shows...any many others!!!  Some grrreat stuff.  I also put up some new downloads per request!!!


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