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Enchanted Mistress

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Buckingham Nicks

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham...together...before the infamous "phone call"...

Master Reels/Demos

*Buckingham Nicks- Master Reel:
01 Cathouse Blues
02 Without You
03 That's Alright
04 Candlebright
05 Sorcerer
06 After the Glitter Fades
07 Goldfish and the Ladybug
08 Garbo (You Could Forget)

*Buckingham Nicks- Leftovers 1970-1974 (master reel) + Live in Tuscaloosa, AL
1. Without You
2. Candlebright
3. That's Alright
4. Garbo
5. Sorcerer
6. Cathouse blues
7. Goldfish and the Ladybug
8. Lola (My Love)- live
9. Races Are Run- live
10. Rhiannon- live
Tracks 1-7 are stereo versions recorded on Lindsey's Ampex 4 track. Tracks 8-10 are soundboard qualty recordings with full band. Stevie introduces Rhiannon as a "new" song!!!

*Buckingham Nicks- "Coffee Plant Demos"- studio quality: Without You (acoustic and vocal), Nomad/Candlebright (a&v), That’s Alright/ Designs of Love ( a&v), Garbo/You Could Forget (a&v), Sorcerer (a&v), Cathouse Blues (a&v), Gold fish and the Ladybug (a&v), Without You (bass and vocal), Nomad/Candelbright (b&v), That’s Alright/Designs of Love (b&v), Garbo (b&v), Sorcerer (b&v), Cathouse blues (b&v), Goldfish and the ladybug (b&v)


Buckingham Nicks LIVE!

Buckingham Nicks Live- Tuscaloosa, AL 1974: Lola, Rhiannon, Races are Run, Django/Sorcerer

*Live- Show #1- Unknown date and venu- A/A- quality: Lola, Stage Talk/power failure, Monday Morning, Never Going Back Again (instru), Races are Run, Rhiannon, Long Distance Winner (fantastic!!!), Django/Sorcerer, Circles in Time (AMAZING long lost BN song), Don't Let Me Down Again, Frozen Love, Crystal

*Live- Show #2- Unknown date and venu- 1974- A/A- quality:
I don't want to know, circles in time, blue letter, django/sorcerer, frozen love, don't let me down again, monday morning, never going back again, races are run, rhiannon

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