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Enchanted Mistress

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Stevie Nicks Demos and Comp.

These are the Demos, Compilations and Interview that I have up for trade!


Album Demos and Outtakes:

*Wild Heart Demos and Outtakes- A quality- Disc #1: All the Beautiful worlds #1, One more tomorrow, If you were my love, if anyone falls, baby doll, beauty and the beast, all the beautiful worlds#2, belle fleur, dial the number, Greta, stand back , nothing every changes, the dealer -disc #2- stand back (live), beauty and the beast, the dealer, wild heart, dial the number, if you were y love, jimmy come back #1, Julia, mistaken love, jimmy come back #2, nightbird, stand back #2 (live),  violet and blue, jimmy come back #3 -disc #3- wild heart, julia, destiny, if anyone falls, stand back, one moe tomorrow, nightbird (full end lyrics), belle fleur, dial the number, wild heart (dressing room version), nothing ever changes, tied up in promisses, stand back (dj mix), sable on blonde (cut), violet and blue, all the beautiful worlds, beauty and the beast (blues version)

Rock A Little Demos and Outtakes #1- average quality of B: haewafy, I can’t wait, imperial hotel, the nightmare #1, the nightmare #2, greta, she loves him still, sister honey, talk to me, tied up in promises, she loves him still #2, some become strangers, the nightmare #3, I sing for the things, mirror mirror (a different version...possib. alt?), so spoken word #1, she loves him still #3, blue lamp, no spoken word #2

Rock A Little Demos and Outtakes #2- average quality of A/B: I can’t wait, rock a little, sister honey , I sing for the things, imperial hotel, some become strangers, talk to me, the nightmare #1, the nightmare #2, no spoken word #1, no spoken word #2, thousand days, mirror mirror #1, mirror mirror #2

*Demos & Outtakes From The Rock A Little Recording Era (3 CDs)
Disc One:
1....All Over You - studio demo w/Prince (5:04)
2....All These Years - demo, AKA "Friend from Yesterday" and "The Coffee Song" (2:52)
3....Are You Mine? - solo demo (2:59)
4....Are You Mine? - outtake w/Billy Burnette (3:18)
5....At the Fair - studio demo (3:03)
6....Battle Of The Dragons - demo w/Tom petty #2 (3:51)
7....City Of Hope - outtake version, cut at end (2:53)
8....City Of Hope - outtake version, "remastered"/extended (3:47)
9....Greta - early demo (3:58)
10..Greta - outtake with harmonica (3:52)
11..Gypsy Beggar - piano demo, AKA "Jazz Tune" (5:04)
12..Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You - alt. version
13..I Call You Missing - demo AKA "She Calls You Missing" (4:11)
14..I Sing For the Things - rock demo (I think this is WH era) (4:03)
15..Imperial Hotel - full end lyric version (3:08)
16..Jimmy Come Back - #1
17..Jimmy Come Back - #2
18..Jimmy Come Back - #3
19..Jimmy Come Back - #4
20..Jimmy Come Back - #5
Disc Two:
1....Lady From the Mountain - RAL Era Drum Machine/Piano Demo (4:21)
2....Lady From the Mountain - RAL Era Studio Outtake (4:34)
3....Love is Like a River - demo (4:00)
4....Mabel Normand - demo (4:20)
5....Mirror Mirror - demo #1: (ends with "in spite of what you say, I really wanted you")
6....Mirror Mirror - demo #2: (ends with "now this will leave you haunted, I really wanted you") (4:15)
7....Mirror Mirror - demo #3: (ends with "well, ask your mirror...I really wanted you!")
8....Mirror Mirror - demo #4: (ends with "this will leave you haunted in your mirror") (4:14)
9....Mirror Mirror - demo #5: alt. version with alt. vocal; seems slightly sped up compared to the others
10..Mirror Mirror - demo #6: very different from the others; very short outtake with completely different lyrics and vocal; fades out and then fades back in
11..Night Gallery - studio demo (2:31)
12..No Spoken Word - alt. version w/alt. Lyrics (3:57) "Be aware…."
12A..No Spoken Word - Alternate #2
13..Ooh Ooh Baby - demo version  (4:53)
14..Reconsider Me - alternate (3:50)
15..Rock a Bye Baby - studio demo (4:05)
16..Rock a Little - piano demo w/Mick Fleetwood (5:40)
17..Rock a Little - alternate AKA "Stevie Solo" (4:43)
18..Rose Garden - outtake (3:47) - Also on Abbey Road
19..Running Through the Garden - demo/outtake(3:29
Disc Three:
1....She Loves Him Still - demo version #1 (4:16)
2....She Loves Him Still - demo version #2 (3:53)
3....She Loves Him Still - demo version #3 (3:36)
4....Sister Honey - alternate
5....Some Become Strangers - alternate (2:21)
6....Talk to Me - alt. version "demo" (4:23)
7....The Nightmare - piano demo (14:13)
8....The Nightmare - instrumental
9....The Nightmare - alternate mix (3:46)
10..Thousand Days - long demo version (6:56)
11..Thousand Days - outtake w/sax (4:24)
12..Tied Up (In Promises) - instrumental
13..Tied Up (In Promises) - outtake version #1 (3:57)
14..Tied Up (In Promises) - outtake version #2 (4:40)

Rock A Little Master Mixes- A++ qualityL:
 I can't wait, rock a little, i sing for the things, imperial hotel, some become strangers, talk to me, mirror, joan of arc, nightmare, nightmare #2, one more big time rock and roll star, no spoken word

*The Rock A Little Sessions- A quality over all:
Rock A Little, Sister Honey, She Loves Him Still, Juliet, Love Is Like A River, Mirror Mirror, Night Gallery, Lady From The Mountain, Greta, Rock-A-Bye Baby, Running Through The Garden, Some Become Strangers, Talk To Me, The Nightmare, Tied Up, Rose Garden, At The Fair, Are You Mine

Other Side of the Mirror- Demos and Outtakes #1- quality ranges from A- to B- : Rooms on fire (instrumental), Rooms on fire, two kinds of love (Rupert Hines vocals), whole lotta trouble, Juliet, doing the best I can #1, doing the best I can #2, I still miss someone, impossible task, no questions asked #1, no questions asked #2, she calls you missing, tragedy of one’s own soul, don’t treat me like a stranger

Other Side of the Mirror- Demos and Outtakes #2- quality ranges from A- to B- : Mabel Normand, if you were my love, doing the best I can #1, don’t treat me like a stranger, friend from yesterday, tragedy of one’s own soul, old fashioned, city of hope, dial the number, takes a long time, love don’t fail me now, at the fair, doing the best I can #2, real tears, whole lotta trouble

*OSOTM Demos & Outtakes: Rooms on Fire, Alice, Ghosts, Whole Lotta Trouble #1, Tragedy of One's Own Soul, Long Way To Go, Impossible Task #1, Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger, Impossible Task #2, She Calls You Missing, Whole Lotta Trouble #2, Juliet, Doing the Best That I Can, Ooh Baby, Joan of Arc, Ooh My Love (cut)

Street Angel- Abby Road Sessions (demos and outtakes)- A+ quality: Maybe Love, Kick It, God’s Garden, Love is Like a River, Listen to the Rain, Blue Denim, Rose Garden, Street Angel, Like a Woman, Unconditional Love, Destiny, Inspiration, Running Through the Garden (80’s demo), Rose Garden #2, Jane

Street Angel Master Mixes- A++ quality:  Blue Denim, Destiny, Docklands, If you were my love, inspiration, just like a woman, listen to the rain, love is like a river, maybe love, gods garden, rose garden, street angel

Unreleased Street Angel A/A- quality: Blue Denim, Greta, Rose Garden (cut), Docklands, Street Angel, Just Like A Woman (cut), Jane's Song, Unconditional Love, Destiny, Love is Like A River (cut), Inspiration, Maybe Love, Kick It (cut), Listen To The Rain (cut), God's Garden

Enchanted Outtakes- Volume I- quality ranges from A/B:
1.Gold Dust Woman (rehearsal 1998 (4:46)
2.After the glitter fades (rehearsal 1998) (3:29)
3.Battle of the Dragon (5:11)
4.Talk to Me (4:07)
5.Rock A Little (5:05)
6.Mirror Mirror (4:36)
7.The Nightmare (6:11)
8.Silent Night (4:37)
9.Edge of Seventeen (alt. "coo" version) (8:30)
10.How Still My Love ( 5:12)
11.All Over You ( 5:05)
12.Twisted (alt. demo) (3:34)
13.I Wanna Talk To You (5:12)
14.Something Exquisite (4:17)
15.That’s Alright

Enchanted Outtakes- Volume II- quality ranges from A/B:
1. Edge of Seventeen (5:29)
2. How Still My Love #1 (5:11)
3. How Still My Love #2 (4:27)
4.All Over You (5:00)
5.Twisted (3:32)
6.Gypsy Beggars (5:01)
7.The Nightmare (6:53)
8.Do I Bring You Down (5:16)
9.If You Were My Love (4:13)
10.Running Through The Garden (3:34)
11.City of Hope (3:00)
12.At the Fair (3:12)
13.All the Beautiful Worlds (5:55)
14.Love Is Like A River (4:51)
15.Lady From the Mountain (5:51)
16. Takes a Long Time (1:31)
17. Are You Mine (Jim Ladd interview ’83) (4:37)

*Trouble in Shangri-La demos and outtaks- A+/ Studio quality -disc #1- Candlebright (sheryl crow raw mix 5/27/99), sorcerer (sheryl crow raw mix 5/27/99), thrown down #1, thrown down #2, space needle, love is, bombay sapphires, not make believe, trouble in shangri-la, have no heart, POTU (6/15/99), chanel chanel (in the darkness) -disc #2- sorcerer (sheryl crow edit), POTU (8/2/99), annabell lee, fall from grace, love changes, that made me stronger, POTU (single edit), POTU (ex. mix)

Trouble In Shangri-La Demos & Outtakes (lossless)
1. Candlebright
2. Sorcerer
3. Thrown Down:
4. Thrown Down #2:
5. Space Needle:
6. Love Is:
7. Bombay Sapphires:
8. Not Make Believe:
9. Trouble In Shangri-La:
10. Have No Heart:
11. Planets Of The Universe:

*Trouble In Shangri-La- Final Mixes- studio quality:
01. Trouble in Shangri-La
02. Candlebright
03. That Made Me Stronger
04. Sorcerer
05. Planets of the Universe
06. It's Only Love
07. Everyday (missing  few overdubs)
08. Bombay Sapphires (alt)
09. Love Changes
10. Too Far From Texas
11. I Miss You (different mix)
12. Fall From Grace
13. Thrown Down (WOS version)
14. My Heart (previously unreleased)
15. Touched By An Angel
16. Love Is

Demos, Outtakes Compilations:

Acapella Collection- Bella Donna, Lady from the Mountain, Kind of Woman, Gold and Braid #1, The Dealer, Keep Me Hanging On, Rooms on Fire, Blue Denim, Ooh My Love, Ghosts, Whole Lotta Trouble, Smile at You, If You Were My Love, Gold and Braid #2, Leather and Lace, Goldfish and the Ladybug, Beautiful Child

*A Gypsy in the Making-demos and master tracks: Gypsy (demo), Stand Back (master), Still of the Night (take #18 of master reel #12), Thousand Days (demo), Sleeping Angel (scaled down master), I’ve Loved and Lost, Silver Springs (old piano demo), I Sing for the Things (master piano), Beauty and the Beast (French singer version)

*And The Wind Became Crazy- quality varies per track overall A quality:
01. Sara (cleaning lady version)
02. Sara (instru)
03. Sara (piano demo)
04. Sara (single versio)
05. Sara (VH1 Storytellers)
06. Sara (Live in Melbourne)
07. Sara (FM, Live Video)
08. Sara (Tusk version)
09. Sara (The Chain Version)
10. Sara (live, Los Angeles)
11. Sara (live, Japan)
12. Beautiful Child (alt)
13. Beautiful Child (alt.#2)
14. Beautiful Child (instru)

Back-Up Singers & Misc.: (Tracks 1-8 feature Lori and Sharon singing harmony over the album versions, tracks 9-12 are miscellaneous Stevie demos): 
Love's A Hard Game To Play, Edge of 17, Edge of 17, Talk To Me, Whole Lotta Trouble, Whole Lotta Trouble & Outside The Rain, Outside The Rain, Edge of 17 (album version), Beauty and the Beast (part 1), Beauty and the Beast (part 2), Gypsy, Gypsy, 24 Karat Gold, 24 Karat Gold

Bella Donna "The Beginning"- A quality- Bella Donna, Kind of Woman, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, The Highway Man, Think About It, Gypsy, After the Glitter Fades #1, Garbo, The Dealer, Leather and Lace, Julia #1, Edge of Seventeen, Show still My Love, After the Glitter Fades #2, Julia #2, Gold and Braid

*Best Of Unreleased Demos- quality varies per track per disc:
Disc 1: Best Of Unreleased Songs A-B

1. All Over You
2. All The Beautiful Worlds
3. All The Kings Horses
4. All These Years
5. Amber
6. Annabel Lee
7. Anybody Out There?
8. Are You Mine w/ Billy Burnette
9. At The Fair
10. Baby Doll
11. Beautiful Ghost
12. Belle Fleur
13. Blue Water
Disc 2: Best Of Unreleased Songs C-H
1. Castaway (piano demo)
2. Cathouse Blues (acoustic guitar)
3. Cecelia
4. Chanel Chanel
5. China Doll
6. Christian (Spinning Wheels)
7. City of Hope
8. The Dealer (rough mix #5)
9. Dial The Number (take #3)
10. Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger
11. Forrest of the Black Roses
12. Goldfish & The Ladybug (acoustic)
13. Gypsy Beggar
14. Have No Heart
Disc 3: Best Of Unreleased Songs I-M
1. Impossible Task
2. It's Not A Dream
3. I Need You
4. I've Loved & I've Lost
5. If YOu Were My Love
6. Jimmy Come Back
7. Joan of Arc
8. Julia (full end lyrics)
9. Keep Me Hangin' On
10. Knockin' On Doors
11. Love Dont' Fail Me Now
12. Lady From the Mountain
13. Lily Girl
14. Love and War
15. Love You Enough
16. Mabel Normand
17. Mistaken Love
18. My Heart
Disc 4: Best Of Unreleased Songs N-S
1. Night Gallery
2. Old Fashoned (The Dance)
3. One More Tomorrow
4. Ooh Baby
5. Prettiest Girl in the World
6. Rich Old Lady
7. Rock A Bye Baby
8. Sanctuary (take #7)
9. She Calls You Missing
10. Secret Love (living room demo)
11. She Loves Him Still
12. Something Exquisite
13. So Sad (#1 w/ Tom Petty)
14. Space Needle
15. Starshine (master)
16. Stay Away
17. See The World Go By
Disc 5: Best Of Unreleased Songs T-W
1. Takes A Long Time
2. Three Birds of Rhiannon
3. Tied Up In Promises
4. This Is My Corss To Bear
5. Tragedy of One's Own Soul
6. Watchdevil
7. What Has Rock N' Roll Ever Done For You
8. The Witch (Melacine)
9. When We Love Again

*Cathouse Blues- quality varies per track:
Watch Devil, Secret Love, Without You, Storms, Candlebright, That's Alright, Garbo, Sorcerer, Goldfish and the Ladybug, Cathouse Blues, Smile At You, Castaway, Silver Springs, After the Glitter Fades, Cryin In The Night, KInd of Woman, Think About It

*China Doll Demos- A quality: Kind of woman, mistaken love, 3 birds of rhiannon, forest of the black roses, Bella Donna, china doll, sara (cleaning lady vers.), fireflies, sleeping angel, violet and blue, if anyone falls, gypsy (bella donna demo), outside the rain, how still my love

*Chronicles- The Singles Collection
Blue Denim (single remix), Talk ToMe (alt mix), Stand Back (45 single), Edge of Seventeen (7" single), Nightbird (7" single), Real Tears (12" single), Battle of the Dragon (single version), Sorcerer (radio edit), If You Ever Did Believe (promo edit), Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (7" single), Maybe Love (UK single), I Can't Wait (7" Extended Remix single), Rooms on Fire (promo edit), Leather and Lace (7" single), Long Way To Go (7" single), Planets of the Universe (radio edit), The Nightmare (7" single)

Crystal Visions (currently not for trade...missing 2 of the discs)
*- Disc #1-
baby doll, gold and braid, belle fleur, destiny, the tower, sisters of the moon (piano vers), I sing for the things, the dealer, lady from the mountain, 24 Karat gold, Cecelia, spinning wheels, she does two things, sanctuary, rock a little
- Disc #2- Rhiannon (talking version), Forest of the Black Roses, 3 Birds of Rhiannon, Mistaken Love, Sisters of the Moon (piano version), Kind of Woman (piano version), Planets of the Universe (piano version), China Doll, Beauty and the Beast (talking piano version), Gypsy (talking piano vers.)
*–Disc #3- Something Exquisite, If you were My Love, Doing the Best that I can, What Has Rock-n-Roll Ever Done For You, Love Don’t Fail Me Now, Jane, Mistaken Love, Maybe Love Will change Your Mind, Tragedy of One’s Own Soul w/ Kenny G, Old Fashioned, Beautiful Ghost, Rhiannon (talking piano vers.), At the Fair, Doing the Best that I Can (upbeat vers.), City of Hope (partial), Docklands
 –Disc #4- Mirror Mirror, Smile At You, No Spoken Work, Thousand Days, Whole Lotta Trouble, Beautiful Ghost, Prettiest Girl in the World, Dial the Number, Ooh Baby, Love Don’t Fail me Now, Battle of the Dragon, Rooms on Fire, Old Fashioned, Cast Away, Mirror Mirror (partial)
–Disc #5- All the Kings Horses, Mabel Normand, It’s Not A Dream, All the Kings Horses, Blue Lamp, Mistaken Love, Mirror Mirror, Castaway, Dial the Number, Greta, No Questions Asked, Nightbird, Jane, Running Through the Garden, At the Fair
– Disc #6- If You Ever Did Believe, Starshine, Do I bring You Down, She Still Loves Him, No Spoken Word, Tied UP in Promises, If You Were my Love, Love and War, Dial the Number, Lady From The Mountain, Ooh Baby, Destiny, Don’t Treat Me Like A Stranger, Affairs of the Heart, All These Years
–Disc #7-
How still My Love, gypsy beggar, Twisted, The Nightmare, Knockin' on Doors, If You were My Love, Joan of Arc, If You Ever Did Believe, The Dealer, How Still My Love, Edge of Seventeen, All Over You
–Disc #8- Without You, Candlebright, That’s Alright, Garbo, Sorcerer, Cathouse Blues, Goldfish and the Ladybug, Watch Devil, Secret Love, Storms, Watch Devil (alt. vers)

*Days of Rhymes and Roses: Disc 1-Do I Bring You Down, Love is Like A River, All The Kings Horses, All The Beautiful Worlds,Running Through the Garden, The Dealer, She Still Loves Him, Castaway, Smile at you, Mistaken Love, Stand Back, Rock A Little, Welcome To The Room
Disc 2-Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind, Sanctuary, No Spoken Word, Julia, At The Fair, If You Ever Did Believe, Rhiannon, The Nightmare, Some Become Strangers, Tied Up (In Promises), Maker of Birds, Talk To Me, Lady From The Mountain, Ooh Baby, Tragedy of One's Own Soul

"Dreams"- Deep Dish Remixes: album version (4:43), long version (6:48)

Dreamer- A+ quality- Gold Dust woman, outside the rain, dreams, I need to know, sara, leather and lace. Stand back, beauty and the beast, gold and braid, stop draggin’ my hear around, edge of seventeen, rhiannon

Demos and Outtakes #13- Master Reel Compilation 1/20/86- quality ranges from A to B+- Disc #1:
01. Are you mine (solo demo)
02. destiny (wh outtake, edit)
03. If You Ever did believe (outtake, edit)
04. sorcerer (edited almanac version)
05. julia (slower outtake)
06. julia (faster outtake)
07. sanctuary (outtake)
08. the dealer (faster demo)
09. the dealer (faster outtake)
10. if you were my love (piano demo)
11. belle fleur (belle flower outtake
12. gold and braid (master live Enchanted version)
13. lady from the mountain (demo #1)
14. lady from the mountain (demo #2- RAL)
Disc #2:
01. knocking on doors (piano demo)
02. rose garden (RAL outtake)
03. Baby Doll (outtake)
04. Ooh Ooh baby (full end lyric demo)
05. all the beautiful worlds (outtake)

Demos and Outtakes #15- 2 disc set- quality ranges from A to B-:
01. Mirror Mirror #1
02. Mirror Mirror #2
03. Mirror Mirror #3
04. Mirror Mirror #4
05. Mirror Mirror #5
06. Mirror Mirror #6 (alt)
07. I've loved and I've lost
08. Jimmy Come Back #1 (RAL demo)
09. Jimmy Come Back #2 (RAL demo)
10. Jimmy Come Back #3 (RAL demo)
11. Wild Heart (full end lyric)
12. Wild Heart (RS photo shoot)
Disc #2-
01. Greta (WH alt)
02. Dial the Number #1
03. Dial the Number #2
04. Dial the Number #3
05. Thousand Days (alt)
06. Thousand Days (SA)
07. All the Kings Horses (full band)
08. Mirror Mirror
09. No Spoken Word (be aware version)
10. Outside the Rain
11. Thousand Days
12. All the Kings Horses

*Diamonds In The Rough - Bella Donna, Leather & Lace,Think About It, After The Glitter Fades, The Highwayman, Outside the Rain, If Anyone Falls, Nothing Ever Changes, I Sing for the Things, Sister Honey, The Nightmare, Some Become Strangers, Juliet, Rooms on Fire, Listen to the Rain, Love is Like a River

Drowning With The Gypsy-Gypsy & Sara Compilation

1. Gypsy(Remastered)
2. Sara(Remastered)
3. Gypsy(Long Version)
4. Sara(Cleaning Lady Version)
5. Gypsy
6. Sara(#1)
7. Gypsy(Master Reel w/Tom Petty 4-5-80 Complete Take #2)
8. Sara(#2)
9. Gypsy(Slow Version)
10. Sara(Raw Mix #1)
11. Gypsy(Slow Version)
12. Sara(Outtake #2 No Back Up Voclas)
13. Gyspy(Early Take)

Fritz demos- A- quality (muffled):
(whether or not this is true, I don’ know. This is just what they are going around as)- When We Love Again, See the World Go By, I Need You, Anybody Out There, Amber

Gold and Braid- A+/ studio quality: demo #1, demo #2 (echo vers.)

*Golden Dragons- A quality: 24K gold #1, battle of the dragons #1, touched by an angel, blue water, starshine, all the kings horses (solo vers.), city of hope, christian, she calls you missing, the tower, are you mine, mabel normand, all over you, if you ever did believe, battle of the dragon #2, 24K gold #2

Image Recordings Inc. 10/15/90: This cd is untracked. Includes Violet and Blue (remix) and Sleeping Angel (remix)

*Living Room Demos- 1/4" Reel- A quality:
Watch Chain aka. Watch Devil, Storms #1 (instru. demo), Storms #2 (Stevie, Mick, Tom), Secret Love, Storms #3 (Stevie, Mick, Tom, Welsh)

*Love and War- A quality: Love and war, secret love, love is like a river, love you enough, rich old lady (mystical love), how still my love, it's late #1, battle of the dragon, the nightmare (unreleased vers.), no light, it's late #2, watch devil (watch chain)

*Love Is Like A River- Remix 2006- A/A- quality- remix of the old 80's demo:
- Stevie Vocal remix
- Instrumental remix

*Newly Discovered Demos from Master Reels- A quality: Gypsy (mirage rehearsals, stevie singing; cut), Joan of Arc (cut), Sara (alt lyrics), Sara #2 (outtake, added guitar), Sara #3 (insturmental...awesome!!!), Storms (longer, no backing vocals), If You Were My Love (not piano demo, very stong vocal)

Restored Demos and Outtakes- A quality: smile at you, violet and blue, all the beautiful worlds, running through the garden, she loves him still, chanel chanel (this track has irreparable high end distortion)

Rock a little (the song)- A+ quality: writing process and documentation with Mick Fleetwood- cut into three tracks

Sara Compilation- A-/A quality- Piano demo, Cleaning Lady version, instrumental, video version, Japan 1980, Melbourne 1980, Los Angeles 1981, East Troy 1982, Chicago 1983, Storyteller, The Chain version, Tusk edit

*She Does Two Things-
Disc #1:
 Julia (slower version), Landslide (DJ mix), Beautiful Child (different version), Storms (acoustic studio version), God's Garden (outtake version), Just Like A Woman (early version), Rock A Little (remix), Talk To Me (alternate version), I Sing For The Things (rock version), Gold Dust Woman (early version), The Dealer (rare version), Smile At You (angry version), Edge of Seventeen (alternate version) 
Disc 2- Julia, Landslide (remix), Beautiful Child (piano demo/no vocals), Storms (long early demo), sisters of the Moon (outtake), How Still My Love (alt. version), Rock A Little (earthquake demo), Talk To Me (alt. vocal #2), Nightbird (live snl), Lady From The Mountain (outtake), The Dealer (#2), Smile at you (outtake #2), Lady From The Mountain (early demo)   

Sisters of the Moon Compilation- quality varies- tusk sessions, baton rouge 1978, studio outtake, single version, japan 2/13/80, Atlanta 8/8/80, East Troy 10/10/82, Mirage Live 10/22/82, Remastered

*Sorcerer Compilation- overall A quality- Buckingham Nicks demo (acoustic and vocal), Buckingham Nicks demo (bass and vocal), Buckingham Nicks (live Alabama), Sheryl Crow raw mix 5-27-99, Sheryl Crow edit, Santa Barbara CA 8-17-01, KFOG 12-9-01, Las Vegas NV 5-14-05

Stand Back Compilation- A quality- Master take (4:52), remix (8:00), Tango in the Night DVD version 1987(4:39), Whisky-A-Go Go 11/14/91 (5:23), Story Tellers 1998 (5:07), Anaheim, CA 7/17/03 (6:15), Reno, NV 8/1/03 (6:14), Las Vegas, NV 10/18/03 (7:13)
-I compiled this because it is one of my favorite songs and I chose these particular tracks because they are of the best quality sound and performance-

Stevie Nicks- Gems: sisters of the moon, after the glitter fades (previously unreleased), kind of woman, the tower, planets of the universe, leather and lace (solo demo; previously unreleased), think about it (previously unreleased), smile at you, sleeping angel, if you ever did believe

*Stevie Nicks Remixed- A quality-
disc #1
- long way to go (12" mix), stand back, edge of seventeen (ill versed remix), I Can't wait (12"remix), POTU (illicit club mix), Rooms on Fire (killer mix), Sara (danny morris club mix), The Nightmare (special mix), Candlebright (candles and incense remix)
–Disc #2- Peacekeeper (TinTin Out radio remix), Love Changes (electronical remix), POTU (tracy young remix), Illume (thunder remix), Say You Will (promo mix), Crying in the Night (Buckingham Nicks 7" mix), Landslide (scotts extended remix), Seven Wonders (dub), Kind of woman, Everywhere (extended mix)

*Stevie Nicks Remixed Encore- A quality- (currently not trading...missing disc #2)
Disc #1
-Sisters of the Moon (remix), Sisters of the Moon (remix edit), Fireflies (remix long version), Fireflies (remix edit), I Can't Wait (rock mix), I Can't Wait (dance mix), The Nightmare (remix), I Can't Wait (dub dance mix), I Can't Wait (dub rock mix), Seven Wonders (extended remix), Seven Wonders (dub remix), Whole Lotta Trouble (edited remix), Long Way To Go (remix), Rooms on Fire (remix)
-Disc #2- Rooms on Fire (remix edit), Rooms on Fire (remix), Love's A Hard Game To Plat (edit of remix), Love's A Hard Game To Play (remix), Maybe Love (remix), Blue Denim (remix), Planets of the Universe (Tracy Young club mix), Planets of the Universe (Tracy Young universal dub), Planets of the Universe (illicit club mix), Planets of the Universe (illicit vocal dub)

Think About It Compilation-
Guitar Demo, Master Reel Demo 1/8/80, Percussion Mix(Master), Percussion Mix(Demo), Acapella Master 1980, Master #1, Piano Demo, Master #2, Take 6 4/9/81, Reel #23 Take #7 5-23-81, Country Girl Demo BV's Acoustic #2, Outtake #2, Fleetwood Mac(Demo), Take 1 Complete W/Incomplete, Take 2 W/Dubs, Take 2 Acapella

*Wrapped Up, Twisted, & Shaken- overall quality A:
01. Twistd (alt)
02. If You Ever Did Believe (UR demo)- best sounding I have ever heard- very crisp
03. Listen to the Rain (pre SA demo)
04. After the Glitter Fades (w/new vocal)
05. Edge of Seventeen (radio edit)
06. Thousand Days (RAL outtake)- nice quality- better than others I have heard
07. Fall From Grace (extended rock mix)
08. Greta (RAL demo)
09. If You Ever Did Believe (Practcal Magic version)
10. Outside The Rain (alt lyrics)
11. Secret (duet)
12. Edge of Seventeen (edit of live promo)
13. Rock A Bye Baby (demo)
14. Crystal (Practical Magic version)
15. She Loves Him Still (demo)
16. Edge of Seventeen Remix (by The Contrast)


Stevie Nicks- Tusk: Australian Interview, 1979- 2 discs

Stevie Nicks- Bella Donna era- WBCN Boston Backstage- This interview was done with Stevie and the girls. It's VERY funny. Stevie talks about her favorite artists and writing her "epic" songs.

Stevie Nicks- Bella Donna era: WLIR Interview with Dennis MacNamara

Stevie Nicks- Mirage era: Off the Record 1982: Some things Stevie talks about are her days before Fleetwood Mac, recording Bella Donna, and her passion for writing. She says something that makes a lot of sense too - how when if you go out in public wearing something that you don't really care for, you'll be self conscious about it all day. And then you'll complain...and Stevie says that bugs the heck out of her. "Just shut up! And buy a few things you really like."

Stevie Nicks- Wild Heart: Off the Record Interview with Mary Turner, 1983

*Stevie Nicks- Wild Heart: Boston Interview

Stevie Nicks- Rock A Little: KLOS Interview with Jim Ladd- 2 part (2 disc)complete interview with songs included.  Great interview!!!  She tells what the songs on the album are about!

*Stevie Nicks- Rock A Little era- Meaning Behind The Songs Interview- stevie talks mostly about the songs on Bella Donna.  Also, some great remarks about Long Distance Winner.

*Stevie Nicks- Rock A Little- WWOne Tour Special interview- Stevie tells what happens before, durning, and after the show.  Radio commercials are intact as well as Stevie's songs.

Stevie Nicks- Other Side of the Mirror- Castle Walls Interview, 1989- 3 discs

*Stevie Nicks- Othr Side of the Mirror- Reflections from the Other Side of the Mirror- ripped from vinyl.

*Stevie Nicks- Other Side of the Mirror- BBC Special

Stevie Nicks- Timespace: BBC Interview (interviewer calls the album "Timepieces" in the intro) 1991 (49:27)...Stevie talks about leaving Mac, Silver Springs, Mick ruining the future of the band, Robin’s death and her marriage to Kim Anderson. Has a live clip of Sara and Landslide.

*Stevie Nicks- SYW 2003- KSLX Phoenix w/ Charlie Kendall (phone interview)- Stevie talks briefly about the SYW tour and coming to Phoenix.

Stevie Nicks- KLOS Jim Ladd Interview 2005- Jim starts off telling Stevie how incredible she looks!!! Interview goes on talking about the upcoming shows in Vegas that Stevie is going to do 05/10/04- 05/14/05. States that she is going to sings songs that have videos to them because there are many “Imax” type video screens. She talks about bringing out all her old outfits and such because she saw Elton John and he “inspired” her to want to bring them all out again. Stevie talked about how “Mr. Buckingham” didn’t like her flamboyant style and wanted her to be more reserved for the SYW tour.

Stevie Nicks- KLOS phone interview 7/22/05- stevie talks about her tour and that it started back in may in vegas and will end in vegas at the begining of august.  Then she says that she is going to take some time off then go to Australia to do the same show but with a full orchestra. Stevie also talks about how she loves doing Rock & Roll and it is not going to leave the set list!

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