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Enchanted Mistress

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Other Artists Videos

Videos for trade that are not Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac

Other Artists


DVD- Aerosmith- 6/24/77 Houston, TX

*setlist coming soon...

DVD- Aerosmith - Unplugged Complete Ed Sullivan Theater 8-11-1990, aired 9-20-1990:

1. Hangman Jury 2. Monkey On My Back 3. Love Me Two Times 4. Seasons Of Wither 5. Big Ten Inch 6. One Way Street 7. Smokestack Lightning 8. Dream On
9. Mikl Cow Blues 10. Toys In The Attic 11. Walkin' The Dog 12. Train Kept A Rollin 13. Last Child

This is awesome!! Complete and uncut. Even has the stuff in between songs with the producers and make up people on stage arranging things and the guys in the band screwing around.  Has a time stamp on the bottom running throughout the whole show.


DVD- Aerosmith- Pro shot video of Aerosmith performing at the Rock Odyssey festival in Tokyo, Japan July 24, 2004.  The audio and video quality is absolutely mint!  Its one of the best ever!



DVD- Black Sabbath- 1970 Paris France- A quality pro shot:

*setlist coming soon...


DVD- Candlebox- 5727/06 St. Louis, MO Rib America Festival- opening show for the first tour in 7 years- A quality; soundboard audio- awesome sound and crisp visual:

arrow, simple lessons, 10,000 horses, don't you, change, blossom, understanding, happy pills, you, cover me, best friend, far behind


DVD- Cars, The- 9/17/79 Midnight Special- A quality:

let's go, dangerous type, moving in stereo, candy-o, gotta lot on my head


DVD- Cinderella- 1987- Tokyo, Japan "Cinderella Shakes Japan"- A quality ProShot-

one around the ride, nothing for nothing, in from the outside, talk is cheep, night songs, push push, tokyo blues, rock me, back home again, nobodys fool, somebody save me, shake me, jumpin jack flash


DVD- Cinderella  5-7-91 Bethlehem, PA Stabler Arena;; S-VHS Master Reel; NTSC Chaptered and Menued S-VHS Master Reel- Video quality- A; Audio quality B/B-

DVD #1:
The More Things Change, Push Push, Sick For The Cure,Make Your Own Way,
Night Songs, Back Home Again, Somebody Save Me, One For Rock & Roll, Heartbreak Station, Coming Home, Bad Seamstress Blues, Falling Apart At The Seams, Love's Got Me Doing Time, Drum SOlo


Sax Solo, Don't Know What You've Got, Nobody's Fool, Gypsy Road, Shake Me,
Dead Man's Road, Shelter Me, Brown Sugar


DVD- Cinderella 7/3/91 Jones Beach, NY- B&W VHS Master Reel; Chaptered & Menued NTSC DVD

The More Things Change, Push Push, Sick For The Cure, Love's Got Me Doing Time


DVD- Cure, The- Paridas 1985 video + The New Cars on the Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson 6/6/06

*descriptions coming soon...


DVD- Deep Purple 1/03/04- Beacon Theater New York- A+ quality both picture and sound- great performance from a great band:

01. Silver tounque 02. Woman from Tokyo 03. I got your number 04. Strange kind of woman 05. Bananas 06. Knocking at your back door 07. Contact lost 08. Well dressed guitar 09. Don's keys solo 10. Perfect strangers 11. Highway star 12. Maybey i'm a Leo 13. Pictures of home 14. Never before 15. When a blind man cries 16. Space truckin' 17. Lazy 18. Smoke on the water 19. Speed king 20. Hush


DVD- Def Leppard- 6.27.05 Uncasville, CT- A quality:
action, let's get rocked, women, foolin, hysteria, promises, no matter, love bites, armaggeddon, two steps behind, gods of war, rock on, rocket, photograph, animal, rock of ages, bringin, on the heartbreak, pour some sugar on me


Dio 9-7-85 Quebec, Canada- Video quality- A-/B+; Audio quality- B- has an ok picture but sound is a bit low:

Intro/King of Rock N Roll, Like The Beat Of A Heart, Don't Talk to Strangers, Hungry For Heaven, Last In Line/Holy Diver/Last In Line, Drum Solo/Bass Jam, Heaven and Hell, Guitar Solo/Vivian, Keyboard Solo, Guitar Solo cont'd, Sacred Heart, Rock N Roll Children, Long Live Rock N Roll, Man on the Silver Mountain, Rock N Roll Children cont'd, Stand Up and Shout, Rainbow in the Dark, We Rock


DVD- Dokken- 11/10/87 Philadelphia, PA-  A quality pro shot:

*setlist coming soon...


DVD- Donnas- 6/8/93 Palo Alto, CA- A quality

First ever performance.  At the Jordan Middle School.  Only one song in this performance:

1. Riding the Rocket


DVD- Eagles, The- 11/6/76- The Summit- Houston Texas- 98 minutes- A quality working chapters and interactive menu- has still pictures inbetween songs:

Hotel California, Lyin' Eyes, Wasted Time, Take It To The Limit, Desperado,  Midnight Flyer, Turn To Stone, Already Gone, One Of These Nights, Funk #49, Fork In The Road, Rocky Mountain Way, Witchy Woman, James Dean,  Best Of My Love,  Walk Away,  Tequila Sunrise


DVD- Evanescence- 6/7/03 Nurgurgring, Eifel, Germany "Rock Am Ring"- A+ quality ProShot:
set list coming soon...

DVD- Foreigner 12/19/81 Dortmund, Germany "RockPop in Concert"- Proshot A/A- quality. Broadcast on 1/30/82:
long long way from home, dirty white boy, luanne, cold as ice, waiting for a girl like you, feels like the first time, starrider, urget, juke box hero, hot blodded

DVD- Guns and Roses- 6/2/06 Nurburgrig, Germany "Rock AM Ring"- A+ quality ProShot:
set list coming soon...

DVD- Heart Live "Second Ending" NTSC DVD UPGRADE w/bonuses has menu.
Second Ending KWSU Studio, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 1976 and bonus material: 
01.  Instrumental 02.  Heartless 03.  White Lightning & Wine 04.  Dreamboat Annie 05.  Silver Wheels 06.  Crazy On You 07.  Sing Child 08.  Soul Of The Sea 09.  Devil Delight 10.  Magic Man
*bonus material*:
1) Midnight Special March 4, 1977  & November 10, 1978 (20:56)
Midnight Special March 4, 1977 (from VH1 rebroadcast)
Magic Man
Dreamboat Annie
Crazy On You
Midnight Special November 10, 1978 (from VH1 rebroadcast)

dressing room jam/makeup application
Crazy On You
Beat Club 1976 & 1977 (7:10)
Beat Club 1976 (M-Bros. broadcast)
Magic Man
Beat Club 1977 (M-Bros. broadcast)


DVD~Heart- Largo, MD 1978- Dog and Butterfly Tour- pro shot, B+ quality, 100 bonus material:

Heartless, devil delight, straight on, magic man, love alive, magazine, mistral wind, dog and butterfly, nancy solo, crazy on you, kick it out, barracuda, white lightning and wine, rock-n-roll, I can’t live


DVD- Heart- 8/22/82 Domenican Republic- "Concert for the Americas"- A quality PRO Shot- contains menu, working chapters, and song selection page:

crazy on you, raised on you, this man is mine, straight on, magic man, take it like it is, dog and butterfly, the situation, even it up, barracuda, rock and roll


*NEW* DVD- Heart- 5/28/82 Dortmund, Germany- A quality proshot. Interactive menu with chapters

straight on, even it up, raised on you, dog and butterfly,  tell it like it is, barracuda, rock and roll


*NEW* DVD- Heart- 12/19/87 Hollywood, FL- A- quality.  shot from a short distance but sound and picture are nice and sharp.  Interactive menu and functional chapters

bad animals, the wolf, barracuda, nothin' at all, what about love, dreamboat annie, these dreams, straight on, even it up, I want you so bad, never, how can I refuse, crazy on you, if looks could kill, bebe le strange, magic man, alone, rock & roll


DVD- Heart- 8/19/90 Mountain View, CA- PRO SHOT A quality- great show- Ann's full of energy and can we say, KILLER SET LIST!!!:

wild child, call of the wild, how can i refuse, straight on, I don't wan to need you, stranded, tall dark handsome stranger, love alive, under the sky, the night, if looks could kill, these dreams, who will you run too, never, crazy on you, alone, all i want to do is make love to you, what about love, fallen from grace, barracuda


DVD- Heart- 11/20/93 Desire Walks On Tour- Beacon Theatre, NYC- A quality NTSC- great show- there are a few spots where the filmer had to duck from security so black spots were covered with vintage Heart still pictures:
River, Dreamboad Annie, Dog and Butterfly, Cherry Blossom Road, These Freams, Alone, Back to Avalon, Battle of Evermore (Led Zepplin cover), Black on Black, Rage, Wild Child, Desire Walks On, Will You Be There, The Woman in Me, Love Hurts (Nazareth cover), My Crazy Head, Barracuda, Crazy on You, Ring Them Bells, Will You Be There (John Stewart), Black on Black (Letterman), Will You Be There (Jay Leno)

Ann Wilson- vocals

Nancy Wilson- guitar

Howard Leese- guitar

Fernando Saunders- bass

Denny Fongheiser- drums

114 minutes.


DVD- Heart- 3/18/94 Whistler, BC Canada- A quality- pro shot- all acoustic:

intro, back to avalon, Q&A, dog & butterfly, cherry blossom road, Q&A, these dreams, will you be there, the woman in me, Q&A, alone, love hurts, Q&A, crazy on you, Q&A, ring them bells


DVD- Heart- 7/13/99 Greensboro, NC- A/A- quality- menu and chapters with song selection- Show is acoustic- very nice!!!:

dog and butterfly, city's burning, love or madness, voodoo doll, mona lisas and madd hatters, sweet darlin, sand hey hey, love mistake, nothing but love, even it up, she still believes, these dreams, the dragon, mother, silver wheels, crazy on you, baraccuda, alone, love alive, battle of evermore


DVD- Heart- 6/24/03 Boca Raton, FL- A quality- EXCELLENT camera shot- head to toe w/close ups- very clear but sound is a bit low:

kick it out, the witch, papa was a rolling stone/straight on, move on, even it up, these dreams, lost angel, crazy on you, mona lisas & mad hatters, dog & butterfly, alone, singing "Happy Birthday", the perfect goodbye, love you, wild child, black dog, barracuda, magic man, mistral wind, battle of evermore, dreamboat annie


DVD- Heart- Jupiter’s Darling Tour- 9/16/04 New York- AUD A++ quality- great head to toe close ups- awesome show- stage jumper during Lost Angel:
Bebe Le Strange, Kick it Out, Straight On, Oldest Story in the World, The Perfect Goodbye, Love Alive, ???(Elton John cover), Alone, Things, These Dreams, Dog and Butterfly, Fallen Ones, Make Me, Even it Up, Vainglorious, Lost Angel, Magic Man, Crazy on You, *Encore* Barracuda, Black Dog (Led Zepplin cover), ??? (led zepplin cover)


DVD- Heart- 2003/2004 TV Appearances- 62 minutes

Conan O'Brien

1. Perfect Goodbye

Wayne Brady

2. These Dreams

3. Dreamboad Annie

NBC Today Show

4. Crazy on You

5. NBC Today Show interview

6. Perfect Goodbye

CMT Crossroads (w/ Wynonna Judd)

7. Intro

8. Magic Man

9. Only Love

10. Dog and Butterfly

11. CMT interview

12. Perfect Goodbye

13. No One Else on Earth

14. Question and Answer with audience

15. Rock and Roll (Led Zepplin)

16. Love Hurts (Nazareth)


DVD- Heart- PBS Soundstage pt.1- A quality:

set list coming soon...


DVD- Heart- 3/10/06 Atlantic City, NJ- VH1 Decades Rock Live: Heart & Friends.  Interactive menu and working chapters

01. Intro
02. Bebe Le Strange
03. Straight On
04. Crazy On You
05. Lost Angel
06. Even It Up
07. Black Dog
08. Dog & Butterfly
09. Would?
10. Rooster
11. Alone
12. Magic Man
13. Dreamboat Annie
14. Barracuda

Special Guests: Dave Navarro, Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood, Alice In Chains (w/ Duff McKagan), Rufus Wainwright


*NEW* DVD- Heart- 9/8/06 Madero, CA- A quality- great crisp picture

Disc 1: magic man, straight on, love alive, bebe le strange, even it up, you wreck me, these dreams, alone, love reign o'er me

Disc 2: barracuda, crazy on you, black dog, misty mountain hop, lost angel, dreamboat annie


Heart- 7/15/08 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheatre- A- quality.

Sound is good but no close ups. Shot from stage left!

1. Wild Child
2. Kick It Out
3. Straight On
4. Magic Man
5. These Dreams
6. Alone
7. Love Reign O'er Me
8. Barracuda
9. Going To California
10. Crazy On You

video: by Vandiego Dave shot with Sony hard-disk based videocam 4:3 PAR
audio: LPCM from jvideocam mic

DVD authored by Silver Stallion
47 minutes running time (full show)


*NEW* DVD- Heart- 8/14/08 Jones Beach, NY- A- quality- NYC Bitch Committee production- screen shot

magic man, straight on, these dreams, alone, love reign o'er me, barracuda, going to california, crazy on you


*NEW* DVD- Heart- 8/31/09 Nassau Coliseum, NY- A quality- first three songs are audio only- menu- NYC Bitch Committee production

barracuda, never, kick it out, straight on, love alive, back to avalon, these dreams, alone, love reign o'er me, crazy on you, going to california, magic man,



DVD- Heart- Album studio recording sessions 1985 + "From The Heart" documentary- Quality= recording sessions B- (blurry). From the Heart A:

First on the dvd is video from when heart was in the studio recording for their self titled album "Heart" which was released in 1985. Very cool footage. second on the dvd is a documentary that was aired on Discovery Health Channel in 2004 called "From the Heart". Ann discusses her battle with her image and her weight.  Talks about her surgery so she can lose weight and be healthy again. Great interviews and documentary.


DVD- Heart- Video Collection I- over all quality A:

barraccuda (1977), allies, how can i refuse, city's burning, what about love, never, these dreams, nothing at all, alone, who will you run to, there's the girl, all i wanna do is make love to you, i didn't want to need you, stranded, secret, you're the voice, will you be there


DVD- Heart- Video Collection II- over all quality A: Contains  VH1 Behind the Music and music videos:

Behind The Music 2000

Beat Club 1976

Magic Man

Beat Club 1977


California Jam 2 1978

Little Queen


Acoustic Live

Heartbreak Hotel

Let's Have A Party

Fridays 1981

Bebe Le Strange

Take It Like It Is

Tomorrow Show

Take It Like It Is

Studio Live- Heart on TV

How Can I Refuse- unknown TV show

Alone- British TV show

Black on Black- Letterman


Jethro Tull 8/8/88 Sao Paulo, Brazil-Pro-Shot NTSC- A quality:

Cross Eyed Mary, Nothing Is Easy, Thick As A Brick (excerpt), Farm On The Freeway, A New Day Yesterday, Fatman, Budapest, Locomotive Breath/Seal Driver/Black Sunday/TAAB(reprise), Girl From Ipanema (teaser), Aqualung


DVD- JOURNEY- The Infinity Tour live in Chicago 1978, from the PBS series Soundstage- ProShot A quality:

Feelin' That Way, Anytime, Winds Of March, Wheel In The Sky, Instrumental Blues Jam, Sweet Little Angel, Blues Shuffle, On A Saturday Night, It's Gonna Be Alright, Lights, I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
Includes bonus footage.


DVD- Kylie Minogue- Australia 2006- Incomplete show- unknown date/venue.  A/A- quality:

white diamonds, confide in me, cowboy style & (exerpt of) finer feelings, too far, can't get you out of my head


DVD- Lindsey Buckingham- Live on Center Stage- A quality- recorded live on the PBS Center Stage show in 1992:

don't look down, you do or you don't, the chain, interview, big love, go insane, interview, trouble, i'm so afraid, interview, this nearly was mine, street of dreams, this is the time, never going back again, interview, all my sorrows, go your own way


DVD- Lindsey Buckingham- VH1 Behind the Music and New Years Eve- A quality:

*set list coming soon


DVD- Lindsey Buckingham- 10/17/06 Milwaukee, WI- A/A+ quality- AMAZING picture and sound!  Highly recommended.

not too late, trouble, never going back agian, second hand news, cast away dreams, red rover, it was you, big love, go insane, under the skin, world turning, i'm so afraid, i know i'm not wrong, tusk, go your own way, holiday road, intros, show you how, down on rodeo, save me a place, bleed to love her.


DVD- Lindsey Buckingham- 12/2/06 CMT Crossroads w/ Little Big Town- ProShot television broadcast. 5.1 digital audio with menu and fully chaptered:

Bones, The Chain, Big Love, Bring It On Home, Boondocks, Not Too Late, Good As Gone, Go Your Own Way


DVD- Linkin Park- 3/13/03 Detroit, MI ProShot MTV broadcast- A+ quality- chapters are per song:

session, don't stay, somewhere I belong, papercut, points of authority, crawling, in the end, faint, from the inside, a place for my head, one step closer


DVD- Madonna 5/21/06 OPENING NIGHT- Inglewood,CA- A quality-
future lovers, get together, like a virgin, jump live to tell, forbiden love, isaac, sorry, like it or not, sorry video reprise,  i love new york, ray of light, let it will be, drowned world/substitute for love, paradise (not for me), disco inferno/music mashup, erotica, la isla bonita, lucky star, hang up


DVD- Madonna 6/15/06 Chicago, Il United Center- A quality- screen shot- picture is nice but audio lacks a bit:

Future Lovers / I Feel Love (Medley), Get Together, Like a Virgin, Jump, Live to Tell, Forbidden Love, Isaac, Sorry, Like It or Not, Sorry Video Reprise, I Love New York, Ray of Light, Let It Will Be, Drowned World/Substitute for Love, Paradise (Not for Me), Music / Disco Inferno (Medley), Erotica, La Isla Bonita, Lucky Star, Hung Up


DVD- Metallica- 8/15/06 South Korea- A/A+ quality ProShot:

creeping death, fuel, harvester of sorrow, frantic, the unforgiven, for whom the bell tolls, orion, master of puppets, fade to black, battery, sad but true, nothing else matters, one, enter sandman, the other new song, seek and destroy


DVD- Mick Fleetwood Zoo- 11/12/83 Saturday Night Live- A quality:
One item menu- 2 chapters:
1. Tonight
2. Way Down Tonight


DVD- Midnight Special- A quality ProShot.  Contains performances by- Fleetwood Mac, KC & the Sunshine Band, and Journey
set list coming soon...


DVD- Monsters of Rock- "Alice Cooper & Ozzy Osbourne" 1997- A+ quality ProShot:
set list coming soon...


VCD- Motley Crue- 5/29/83 US Festival- A+ sound B+ video- Pro Shot- approx.  46:21 min- unedited:

Take Me To The Top, Looks That Kill, Bastard, Shout at the Devil, Merry Go Round, Knock Em Dead Kid, Piece of Your Action, Live Wire, Helter Skelter


DVD- Motley Crue 10/19/85 Montreal Canada- A quality- menu and working chapters:

intro, looks that kill, use it or lose it, shout at the devil, fight for your rights, ten seconds to love, piece of your action, home sweet home, red hot, Mick's solo, eye on the money, louder than hell, tommy's solo, too young..., knockem dead, live wire, smokin..., helter skelter, jailhouse rock

DVD Motley Crue - Kansas City, MO 1989- This show is from the Dr. Feelgood Tour- DVD is A+ quality. It is pro shot.

Kickstart My Heart,Red Hot,Rattlesnake Shake, Too Young to Fall in Love,
Shout at the devil,Live Wire,Same Ol' Situation,Slice of your pie,Tommy/mick solos,Looks that kill,Smokin in the boys room,wild side,girls girls girls,home sweet home,dr feelgood,jailhouse rock


DVD- Motley Crue- Rock AM Ring- Germany 2005- A+ quality ProShot:

set list coming soon...


DVD- Nine Inch Nails- 5/18/05 "Electric Factory"- Philadelphia, PA- A quality:
setlist soon to come...

DVD- Oasis- 5/23/02 Tokyo, Japan- MTV "SuperDry" broadcast- ProShot A+ quality:

The Hindu Times, 2. Hung In A Bad Place, 3. Better Man, 4. Force Of Nature, 5. Little By Little, 6. Whatever, 7. D'you Know What I Mean?, 8. Some Might Say, 9. My Generation


DVD- Page and Plant- 1/27/96 Rio de Janero- A+ quality ProShot:

set list coming soon...


Pink Floyd- "The Wall" 1982


DVD- PIxies- 5/27/91 Lyon, France- A/A- quality- PAL format menu and chapters:

1. Interview 2. Debaser 3. Interview 4. Rock Music 5. I Bleed 6. River Euphrates 7. Talking


DVD- Poison- 1990 MTV Unplugged- A quality- interactive menu and chapters

Your Mama Don't Dance, Good Love, Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Let It Play, Unskinny Bop, Talk Dirtry To Me


DVD- Prince- "Prince and the Revolution" 1/4/85 Atlanta, GA The Omni- NTSC DVD recording- A (AUD) quality- a little fuzzy-

Lets Go Crazy, Delirious, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Take Me With You, Free, Do Me Baby,How Come You, Let's Pretend, Father's Song, God, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, The Beautiful Ones, When Doves Cry, I would Die For You, Baby I'm A Star, Purple Rain


DVD- Prince- 11/19/02 Budokon, Tokyo, Japan:

*setlist coming soon...


DVD- Queensryche- 9/24/86 Montreal, Que., CANADA The Forum
simple menu and working chapters- NTSC- B/B- quality over all (audio/visual)

Neue Regel, Surgical Strike, Nightrider, Deliverance, The Whisper, Gonna Get Close To You, Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion), Walk In The Shadows, Queen Of The Reich, Take Hold Of The Flame


The Making Of Rage For Order (@5 minutes)


DVD- Queensryche- 2/13/87 Queens, NY L'amores East- A-/B+ quality- interactive menu and working chapters

Neue Regel, Surgical Strike, Warning, The Whisper,Walk In The Shadows, No Sanctuary, London, Roads To Madness, Deliverance, Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion), guitar solo, Rage For Order, Queen of the Reich, The Lady Wore Black/, Nightrider/Blinded (medley)


DVD- 10/26/88 Queensryche- Cologne, Germany- A quality ProShot- great picture and sound- interactive menu and working chapters:

Interview, Anarchy-x, Revolution Calling, Operation:Mindcrime, Speak, Spreading The Disease, Take Hold Of The Flame, Breaking The Silence, I Don't Believe In Love, Eyes Of A Stranger


DVD- Queensryche- 10/24/91 Toronto, Canada- A/A- quality Dolby Digital 2.0 audio:

Resistance, Walk In The Shadows, Best I Can, Empire, The Thin Line, Jet City Woman, Another Rainy Night (Without You),Roads To Madness, I Remember Now,Anarchy -X,Revolution Calling,Operation: Mindcrime,Speak,Spreading The Disease,The Mission,Suite Sister Mary,The Needle Lies,Electric Requiem, Breaking The Silence, I Don't Believe In Love, Waiting For 22, My Empty Room, Eyes Of A Stranger, Last Time In Paris, Silent Lucidity


DVD- Queensryche- 7/27/95- Toronto, Canada- A- quality- From 1st gen VHS tape to dvd recorder. No menue. Chaper points every 5 min. Dolby Digital 2.0. Running time: 108:22:

9:28 A.M., I Am I, Damaged, Bridge, Screaming In Digital, NM 156, My Global Mind, Neue Regel, I Remember Now, Anarchy -X,Revolution Calling, Operation: Mindcrime, Spreading The Disease, The Mission, Eyes Of A Stranger, Empire,
Jet City Woman, Promised Land, Disconnected, Lady Jane, Out Of Mind, One More Time, Silent Lucidity


DVD- Queensryche- 6/11/05 Uncasville, Conn- A-/B+ quality:

The Whisper, En Force, Neue Regel, NM 156, Screaming in Digital, Open, Desert Dance, EP Medley (Queen of the Reich/Nightrider/Blinded), Walk in the Shadows, The Needle Lies, I'm American, Surgical Strike, Empire, Take Hold of the Flame


DVD- Ratt- 3/18/84 "Rock Palace"- A quality pro shot- menu and chaptered:

you think you're tough, you're in trouble, the morning after, round and round


DVD- Ratt- 11/5/97 Piere's - Ft.Wayne IN- A/A- quality Dolby Digital audio- working chapters w/ interactive menu:

Wanted Man, I'm Insane, You Think You're Tough, The Morning After, Way Cool Jr., Body Talk, Back for More, Steel River, Ratt Madness, Lack of Communication, Drum Solo, Lay it Down, You're in Love, Walkin' the Dog, Nobody Rides for Free, Round and Round


DVD- Roger Waters- 2/6/06- "Rock in Rio"- A+ quality pro shot:

*setlist coming soon...


DVD- Rolling Stones- 9/12/02 Philadelphia, PA:

*setlist coming soon...


DVD- Rush- 12/10/76 Passaic, NJ- B&W with embeded counter.  B+ quality- Incomplete show:

Bastille Day, Anthem, Lakeside Park, 2112, Fly By Night, In The Mood


DVD- Sevendust "Rock the Northland"- 6/21/98 Duluth, MN & 11/18/03 St. Paul, MN- A quality for both shows.  Menu and chapters

*setlist coming soon


DVD- Smashing Pumpkins- 1/27/96 Rio DiJaniero- A quality ProShot:

where boys fear to tread, zero, an ode to no one, disarm, today, bullet with butterfly wings, through the eyes of ruby, rocket, procelina of the vast oceans, geek u.s.a, boys don't cry (cure cover) [tease], cherub rock, x.y.u


DVD- Soundgarden- 6/6/92 Vincennes, France Hippodrome de Vincennes- A quality- sound is a bit low, but still great!:

intro, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Hands All Over, Jesus Christ Pose
This is from the free MTV rebroadcast, not the original pay-per-view. A few songs are missing because they did not broadcast the entire Soundgarden set.


DVD- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers feat. Stevie Nicks- 6/16/06 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music Fest- Live Web Cast- B quality:

Listen To Her Heart,You Don't Know How It Feels, I Won't Back Down,Free Fallin',Saving Grace ,Mary Jane's Last Dance,I'm A Man,Oh Well,Handle With Care,Band intros,Stop Draggin' My Heart Around,I Need To Know,Melinda,
Insider,Learning To Fly,Don't Come Around Here No More,Refugee,Running Down A Dream, You Wreck Me,Mystic Eyes,Gloria,American Girl


DVD- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Feat. Stevie Nicks as Special Guest 6/20/06 New York, NY Madison Square Garden- A quality- nice close ups and clear picture:


DVD- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 9/21/06 broadcast on Dish Network RAVEHD on 12/15/06- "Live From Gatorville"Gainesville, FL- ProShot A+ quality:

Disc #1: Listen to Her Heart, Mary Jane's Last Dance, I Won't Back Down, Free Fallin', Saving Grace, I'm a Man, Oh Well, Handle With Care, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around*, I Need to Know*, It's Good to Be King

Disc #2: Down South, Southern Accents^, Insider*, Learning to Fly, Don't Come Around Here No More, Running Down a Dream, You Wreck Me, Mystic Eyes, American Girl

DVD- Tori Amos- 4/11/96 Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC- MTV Unplugged. Dolby digital audio with menu and chapters:

cornflake girl, blood roses, silent all these years, icicle, caught in a lite sneeze, over the rainbow, hey jupiter, in the springtime of his voodoo

DVD- Tori Amos VH1 Storytellers New York, NY October 24, 1998
Originally aired: February 21, 1999
This repeat: December 1, 2002
1. Winter 2. Story 3. Father Lucifer 4. Story 5. Hey Jupiter 6. Story 7. Silent All These Year 8. Story 9. Precious Things 10. Story 11. iieee 12. Story 13. Raspberry Swirl 14. Cornflake Girl

DVD- Tori Amos- 12/3/02 St Louis, MO
1. Wampum Prayer/ Sorta Fairytale 2. Bliss 3. Crusify 4.Intros/My Girl 5.Mrs Jesus 6.Concertina 7.Your Cloud 8. Tear in your head 9.Wednesday 10.Leather 11.Cloud on my tongue 12.Cooling 13.Putting the damage on 14.Take to the sky 15.Taxi Ride 16.Horses 17.Cornflake Girl 18.I can't see New York

19.Spring Haze 20.Sweet Sangria 21.Past the Mission 22.Girl 23.Pancake 24.Playboy Mommy


DVD- Tori Amos- 5/2/03- PBS Soundstage- A+ quality- recorded from HDTV- interactive menu working chapters and song selection- NTSC format:

Wampum Prayer (small skip at 00:15), a sorta fairytale, Bliss,
Horses, tori chat, Black Dove, Wednesday, improvisation, China, Jackie's Strength, Taxi Ride, Precious Things, Cornflake Girl,
Bonus:  Tombigbee

DVD- U2 Live in NYC 8/10/05- A-/B+ quality- only Disc 1 of 2:
*setlist coming soon...

DVD- Velvet Revolver- 1/22/05 London, England- A quality- GREAT audio and visual...VERY clear picture:

*setlist coming soon...


DVD- Velvet Revolver- Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 6.5.05 "Rock AM Ring"- A+ quality ProShot:
set list coming soon...


DVD- "Women Rock- Girls & Guitars"- Lifetime TV Benefit concert to support and fight breast cancer- Aired 10/22/00; recorded 10/12/00- artists include:

Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Heart, Cindi Lauper, Amy Grant, Destinys Child, Wyonna Judd, and others.

1. Barracuda- Heart, Etheridge, & Crow

2. If It Makes You Happy- Crow & Etheridge

3. When the Waves Come Crashing Down- Judd

4. Maybe I'm Amazed- Lauper & Heart

5. Takes a Little Time- Grant

6. My Favorite Mistake- Crow

7. Crazy on You- Heart

8. Waters Edge- Lauper

9. I'm the Only One- Etheridge

10. You Can Sleep While I Drive- Ethridge and Grant

11. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- everyone

12. Girls With Guitars jam session- everyone

13. Oh Baby- Lauter and Destiny's Child

14. God Only Knows- Heart, Ethridge, and Lauper

15. What Can You Do For Me- everyone

DVD is NTSC Dolby Digital sound- great menu but no working chapers- one continuous chapter.


DVD- ZZ-Top, Whitesnake - Stockholm, Sweden 4/16/84- Aired on Swedish TV- The Mandagsborsen Special- Grand Hotel- A quality:
Intro, Tush, Party on the patio

Gambler, Guilty of love, Love ain't no stranger, Ready an' willing

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